A peaceful panorama with a storied past.

Where the river touches the sand and meets the ocean – Welcome to Pannzian Beach. Located along the heart of Pasaleng Bay, you can experience the unique pleasure of living simply in our shores

Pannzian Beach is steeped in history,and our family, the Ortegas, have been part of that history for hundreds of years, passing on a legacy of unspoiled natural beauty and strong community values. Pannzian Beach still evokes the same peaceful atmosphere since the 18th century.

Sustainability and social responsibility

We are a small family-run business, but when it comes to protection of the environment and benefitting our local community, we go huge.

A long commitment to environmental protection

This land has been in our family for many generations, and our mission is to share its beauty with our guests while strictly maintaining its pristine and natural qualities. We also follow best practices to minimize our overall environmental impact.

  • We keep the beach and grounds free of trash.
  • All food and drinks are served on real plates and glasses, not disposable plastics.
  • Our menu is mostly sourced from local, sustainably harvested ingredients, including from our own organic Pannzian Farms.
  • Since obtaining its Environmental Clearance Certificate in 2000, Pannzian has proudly complied with all DENR regulations, long before the recent “crackdowns” in Boracay and elsewhere.
  • Ilocos Norte has become a major supplier of renewable energy, so much of our electricity is sourced from nearby mini-hydro and wind farms.

A long commitment to our community

We believe that our resort can only succeed if is embraced by our community.

  • Almost all resort staff are recruited from the local community, who are trained in hospitality and resort operations and maintenance.
  • In 2017 we built the Menelea Women’s and Children’s Centers, located conveniently near the main residential areas of Barangay Pancian. We partner with regional universities and government agencies to present educational and livelihood programs for community residents.
  • We have partnered with local farmers in an agricultural association, benefiting all members with access to government and NGO programs to improve farming and sustainable land use practices.
  • We sponsor events for local families, including the very popular annual Easter egg hunt.